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Axcom quality - quality you can rely on

A battery is the core of a product. It delivers the impulse, supplies machines with the necessary power, brings functions to life and transmits communications. Nothing works without a battery. That is why we attach so much importance to the quality of our mobile energy carriers.

Product quality - more than the sum of all components

From the cell and electronics through to the housing - Axcom offers you the highest and most consistent quality level for all components. All Axcom products are put through their paces under tough conditions in our test and measurement laboratory.

Service quality - more than the delivery of products

Professional Axcom advisors are always available to answer any questions and provide additional information. You always have a permanent contact person who is familiar with your field of work and can give you professional, founded recommendations. Engineering for tailor-made products, convenient ordering processes and the free, environmentally-friendly disposal of old batteries and rechargeable batteries are part of our service range.

The company Axcom is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 - this ensures professional management of your projects at all levels.