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Axcom – your partner for your success

Axcom offers you far more than just a wide-ranging product assortment of rechargeable batteries, radio accessories and state-of-the-art charging technology: benefit from our many years of experience, the use of premium quality cells in all of our products, our very good price-performance ratio and our professional service.

Joint implementation of successful solutions

Axcom is a manufacturer and supplier of rechargeable batteries for a range of different applications areas – this makes us capable of developing exactly the products and technologies you require to achieve optimum sales. This flexibility directly benefits your business. Our professional employees are only too pleased to advise you - by telephone and on your premises.

Individual marketing support

For your own marketing activities, we offer you professionally implemented product information as well as mailing and printed templates with your logo and product illustrations.

Identifying trends and customer requirements

The Axcom sales and technology specialists are well informed about the latest market trends and requirement developments and promptly implement their knowledge to create safe solutions to suit the target group.

Axcom quality – something you can rely on

The quality of our rechargeable batteries is checked in extensive tests. This is the only way of ensuring performance levels and reliability in daily use. In comparison to original rechargeable batteries, Axcom batteries usually have a higher capacity and additionally guarantee an attractive price advantage of up to 60 percent in some cases!

Fast availability

You benefit from improved delivery times thanks to optimised logistics processes and the modern high-bay warehouse in our Axcom European headquarters


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